spellbinding notions of Vaudrey, the Melbourne-born, Brooklyn based, Cellist concocting a spectral weave of experimental fusion that I just can’t seem to get my head around. An eclectic mass of cello, percussion and auto-tuning in cultivated ambiguity; With a surprise rendition of Bob Dylan’s ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright’, Vaudrey managed to somehow blow my mind in way I am yet to decipher
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JULY 10, 2013



This July/August Brooklyn based cellist and songwriter Vaudrey returns to Australia for the first time in four years in anticipation of his debut release in 2014. Presenting showcases in Melbourne and Sydney Vaudrey brings a unique blend of cello based electronic indie folk pop, somewhere in the realm of Arthur Russell and James Blake. 

Born and raised in Melbourne, Vaudrey now holds a cello pedigree to rival, spending the last four years in New York completing a doctorate in cello performance and improvisation whilst acting as teaching assistant to the renowned Emerson String Quartet. Regularly performing on New York City stages from Carnegie Hall to renowned underground venues such as the Stone, Vaudrey is no stranger to a myriad of musical worlds from new classical music, through fusion Jazz to Indie pop. 

And if this wasn’t enough Vaudrey launched his own solo project this year.  Inspired by his in depth research into the late Arthur Russell, Vaudrey mixes electronics, vocals, cello and percussion, putting on a musical display from epic to intimate.  As stated on his webpage Vaudrey thinks: “Fragility is beauty, beauty is an accident, and an accident is dub delay soaked Bach shimmering on a bed of grinding analog synthesizer.

The shows will be original music by Vaudrey as well as some first ever live recreations of a hand full of Arthur Russell works.  “I wanted to pay homage to the amazing character who did so much in opening my mind to a world outside of the pre-concieved role of a cellist states Vaudrey.” In Melbourne, Vaudrey invites special guests Boyeur and Sydney outfit Mary and Banks to open the show; interestingly all classically trained musicians that have stepped into the popular music world.

Vaudrey plays Toff in Town, July 30th, and Sydney’s Winter Warmer Series at Paddington Uniting Church, Aug 2nd.  

Further info and ticket sales at vaudreymusic.com

Press Enquiries: vaudreymusic@gmail.com

When Classical Musicians Go Rogue

Patricia Eltrain. July 2nd. 2013

It’s not exactly hard core, but nonetheless people are drinking and expensive art tattoos adorn the sleeves of the new wave of cultural connoisseurs.  We’re at an Indie music gig in Brooklyn, New York. It’s not the Indie rock of years gone by where hipsters ironically moped with sadness and rage in a peaceful idyllic setting... because they can.  It’s not Michael Cera and three gawkily cute teenage girls escaping the suburbs to see their unheard of favorite band while sixteen year old Juno sits by her hamburger phone coming to terms with the results of her pregnancy test. 

This is Indie music in 2013.  The increasing wave of trained musicians stepping outside traditional constraints and making their own music in a genre that can best be described as “the baby of all the music you’ve ever loved.”  Tonight there’s that classic Bill Frisell guitar sound amidst lush sub rattling synthesizer, orchestral string flourishes interrupting unpretentious vocals floating over a classic irresistible dance beat. There’s flashbacks to bygone eras and futuristic sounds you’ve never heard. Its no wonder that when you google Indie sub genres there seems to be a new one every week; post-chestral, jangle pop, lo-fi and ambient dub to name a few.  We either can’t yet put our finger on it or perhaps Indie music’s primary characteristic is an amalgamation of other genres. 

The creators behind so many of this new flood of bands and solo artists are trained musicians.  Vaudrey who plays Toff in Town later this month is one such artist.  Residing in Brooklyn, New York, arguably the worlds epicenter of Indie music, Vaudrey, an ex Australian National Academy scholar, holds a doctorate in classical cello performance and improvisation, he’s been a teaching assistant to the Emerson String Quartet and still regularly performs classical, new music and fusion jazz on New York’s big stages.  

When asking Vaudrey where this new genre defying music comes from he replies “apart from the New York music scene...we’re the first ipod generation - we have more genres spinning in our heads than perhaps any generation before us - and we love so many different sounds... this is our palette...technology is so accessible now, we can make virtually anything we want happen, not just in our home recording studios but also live on stage... its really exciting. 

I asked Vaudrey whether the classical world had shunned him now he’s gone rogue, he laughed; I do think once you start doing different stuff, other classical musicians box you into another category, perhaps thinking you’re less capable and can’t cut it in the classical world... it’s really amusing when you show them you totally can... I work really hard to keep my classical game at the top, and honestly, nothing has helped me more than learning and writing music in this other world, it definitely brings a great perspective to technique and musicality. 

So when you play Toff in Town what will we hear? Bach or Vaudrey’s music? It will be Vaudrey’s music, and some Arthur Russell, as he’s been a huge influence on my journey... but I might quote some Bach, his chord progressions make such epic pop songs.  Its going to be a great night, the other bands Boyeur and Mary and the Banks all consist of highly trained musicians - it brings something special to the stage when highly skilled musicians perform music of their own creation.  Too often we see skilled musicians simply playing what gets them a paycheck.. and we need to do that... but let them play what they believe in and its awesome! 

Vaudrey plays at The Toff in Town, Melbourne, July 30th with special guests Boyeur and Mary & the BanksTickets available through Moshtix.