Recorded during a three day creative ‘lock in’ at the iconic Tallis Pavillion, Beleura House (AUS); Vaudrey and Haribar created self engineered a powerful instrumental record for two pianos, cello and electronics. Using two oversized (108 + 102 Key) Stuart and Sons pianos, a 1791 William Forster Cello, a Moog DFAM drum machine and some analog guitar pedals Vaudrey and Haribar have crafted 12 unimaginably improvised tracks set for Release in 2019

The Adventures of Peer Gynt and the Firebird with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
March 8 2019

Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite and Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite are some of the most dramatic, imaginative and immersive classical works of their time. Presenter Richard Vaudrey’s brand new script translates the compositional complexities into an informative, entertaining and spellbinding performance from the MSO.

“I want even the youngest of children to understand Stravinsky’s starting point: his imagination. At the heart of every great composer’s complex actions is a rich sense of imagination – a simple idea – that is then translated into the sounds created by all the incredible instruments of the orchestra.” – Richard Vaudrey

Dec 2018

VAUDREY and XANI present a residency to celebrate the genre of string playing songwriters, improvisors and performers. 3 Fridays of contemporary stringer songwriters at the iconic Longplay cinema. Strictly limited tickets.